Brighton Skies

Saltdean seafront is my playground, it’s where I walk my dog, swim, paddle board, snorkel, surf, run and cycle.
Sometimes I hear people say ‘soon be summer’ but I embrace all the weather that’s thrown at me on this stunning stretch of coastline on the edge of Brighton. The rough stormy seas, the calm seas, the driving wind and rain, the glorious sunrise and sunset, the sea foam and the flooded undercliff. It’s a year round gem. The sunrises are exceptional during the winter months. There’s always something to photograph and I enjoy sharing photos of my experiences on Brighton Skies Facebook group. 
I view Saltdean from every angle, from the top of the cliffs, under the chalk cliffs, on the beach or in the sea. I love the view of Saltdean from the sea looking towards the shore and at the city in the distance, also looking down under the water at the sea life below me.

Kevin, 2022