Hill Top History

Hollingbury Hill Fort

I adore the skies looming over the fantastic view of Brighton from Hollingbury Hill Fort. The shimmering moody sea with the Brighton city skyline below looking down from a birds eye view. She keeps watch over the city and surrounding soft hills of the South Downs at the edge of The National Park. It is a magical place over 2000 yers old, filled with wildflowers and yellow sprays of gorse; an enclave surrounded by a moat, now a circular flint splintered walkway. 

I often imagine what life would have been like up there, surveying the panoramic views nestled behind the ramparts. The hustle and bustle of life, laughter, the smell of smoke, iron ore from the woods, food on the fires, straw and the musky scent of livestock mingling with folk music, braying, laughing, singing, ringing in my ears.

Now dog walkers, golfers, tweeters and the like wander around and stop the appreciate the magnificent view spanning from East Brighton park, the Hospital, past Hove to the Isle of Wight along the south down way at Ditchling Beacon, The Chacttri monument standing proud to Stanmer Park along with views of the Newhaven and beyond and back.

It truly is breathtaking.  Like breath of fresh air and a serene break from the hustle and bustle of our vibrant city whilst nestling close by just on the edge. Up there the sound of the wind sweeps and ancient hawthorn mingles with bird song, crooked crows caw to drown the sound of the odd seagull and the rustling of voles and rabbits stir, beneath, sometimes circled by majestic Buzzards, fitting for such a place.

Many stories have been told around the campfires under the full moon rising and many a tale to tell, handed down by ancestors to generations and offering up inspiration for new ones. All of us in appreciation of the gently rolling downs, serene and stormy sea views and splendour of this place. Watching over Brighton and all its glorious energy and light reflecting deep blue sea, skies and flint back into our glistening awestruck eyes.

Stephanie, 2022