This Little Community Garden

After thinking what places are truly my favourite in Brighton, this little community garden in Brighton would probably be the one.

It’s so tiny, literally on the corner of the road, but it’s nicely maintained and you’re allowed to enter and take what you need (not like the Preston Park garden, where there are signs not to forage). It has been an inspiration for garden ideas for the last few years for me. Me and my partner always step in when we pass it and it was one of the things that I noticed when I first moved here that made me fell really welcome.

On the opposite side of the junction they plant wild flowers for the bees.

Ola, 2022

Sometimes you wanna go, where everyone knows your name.

My favourite place is Sydney Street. 

For me, it’s the most independent in character of all the streets in the North Laine, I spent many years wandering between my friend’s shop (Immediate, above the Punker Bunker), having band practice in a walk-in fridge below it, (it used to be a fishmonger), getting beers at the offie, going for more beers at The Office, getting my hair cut at The Bomb, buying supplies at Yum Yum’s, the Chinese supermarket, eating a delicious falafel and halloumi wrap from We Love Falafel, drinking something weird from Guanabara, looking at weird outfits in Cyberdog and perusing all the other shops down there for clothes and objects of interest. (Tapas at night is also good.)

Then when my little girl was tiny we used to go to the Laine for swimming and wander around, almost always bumping into someone we knew. It is a proper little village.

Now we live in Hove and I miss just being able to walk through, even if not there for a reason. 

Matt, 2022